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I would like to introduce a new browser based game i have been working on for a while now. I would be really happy if you try it out. Even happier about all kinds of feedback, as the game is currently under beta testing.

Game is based on hexes and turn based. During your turn you can build a great army and conquer other players. But be aware, you need great strategy or you will be the one who is becoming extinct.

2-6 players can play in a single game. You can play lots of games at once and all games are persistent - meaning you can safely log off and come back later to continue playing. You can even watch full history of the game - who did what? In each game there is a turn time - how much time you have to finish your turn. Currently you can choose from 5 minutes for fast games to 2 days for slow paced games.

Players can also create new maps to play on.

So come join and start your battles! :)

New multiplayer game called warnet

Searching one cool artist!

2009-01-21 10:51:17 by Baldurans

I'm building one multiplayer hex based strategy war game, but run into a problem... I really need artist who could draw some fancy graphics to make the game even better.

About the game:
Basic tiles: Buildings, units (Air, water, ground), walls, resources, roads.
Tile: Hex
Time: Modern warfare
Graphics look: as real as possible.
Motivation games: Panzer General II, Weewar

Engine is built to be easily configurable, so future plans are to use same engine to make maybe WW I or Wizards and knights age or even space colonization... Its all possible with current engine.

I have about 8 years of programming experience, so i pretty much know how to write cool stuff :)
I respect coding standards and Flash OO capabilities.
Current socket server solution is in PHP. Not sure if its the best solution, but i know PHP very well so for start it will do fine.

Any one interested in working with me? Well send me a private message!!!

As I'm spending my free time on this i hope you would also like to do that :)